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February 12

Building With Astro.

Hello Hi Hey Welcome to my first blog post the writing might be weird,boring and rash but bear 🐻 with me as i learn how to write better, Thanks.

Originally this whole website was supposed to be built in 6 hours, It actually took 3 Days.

WHY? because that’s how the whole world works nothing ever goes right you never get your package delivered on time because a ship is stuck in a canal continents away.

Even though I didn’t finish on time, I did finish eventually and the experience of building it was nothing but joyous and extremely frustating.

Content below may include boring technical stuff feel free to not read.

Firstly this Blog and the whole website is built with the amazing framework Astro🚀 the interactive bits are built with the incredible Svelte and styled with Tailwind.

The experience using all these tools was nothing but Great.

What more could you ask for?

Astro 🚀

Getting started with Astro might be easier than any other framwork available the integrations were seamless it merely took me 3 commands to get started with Astro,Svelte and tailwind all configured.

npm create Astro@latest npx 
Astro add tailwind svelte mdx

Apart from that the Astro Documentation is very well written 🚀 and setting up a blog has never been easier.

Svelte 🤖

Svelte stays true to their tagline and truly cybernetically enhances apps before using Svelte I tried react and that was just messy I felt like i was somehow writing and doing more than just writing vanilla javascript. Svelte syntax is short , sleek and it will make you question why use any other framework at all.


Uhh I would like to stay out of this one.
The only thing i know is that it’s much less of a saviour than a mess but then all css is mess.

See Ya 👋

That’s it for now i’ll probably update this later i also do have to talk about the butterfly and that one is a story to tell.

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