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December 07


Here are some of my designs.

* Personal Website ie this one!

I wanted to do a vibrant color sort of thing that really relfected yk the person i am instead of a very minimalist and simple approach.

* A poster for Hackbyte

The idea for this was more of a wake up nothing is real vibe and privacy is a myth. Heavily inspired by the Matrix.

* My redesign of this website

Then maybe i thought this was too much and i need something a bit more minimal not sure if i’ll ever implement this one.

* Kridoc for SiH’23

(incomplete) A very minimal and easy to use design for SiH’23. Sadly the problem statement got removed and we didn’t clear and we’ll never get to make it.

* A frank ocean poster

Because i was obsessed and his lyrics kept repeating in my mind anyhow.

In the end i would like to say I know

Hopefully I’ll see you around, Thank you have a niceeee dayyyy! byeeeeee.

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